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Strawberry Seed 3-Step Nose Pack

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This 3-step blackhead-removing strip sloughs out deeply blocked follicles, leaving pores clean and smooth. Perfect for maintaining blackhead-free skin at home in between facials.

*please note that this product is single use

How To:

1- After washing your face, take out the first sheet from the package, place closely on the nose, and remove after 15~20 minutes. 

2- Fully wet the skin around the nose, remove the transparant film from the second sheet with dry hands, and place the sheet closely to the nose. Leave it on for 10~15 minutes until the nose pack is completely dry and slowly remove the sheet starting from the edge. 

3-Remove the opaque film from around the third sheet, closely place the sheet onto the threated area, remove after 5~10 minutes, and gently pat to enhance absorbtion of the remaining solution. 

Ingredients We Love

Witch Hazel - Provides natural astringent properties and tightens pores.
Peppermint Oil - Soothes and refreshes skin. 
Sage - Soothes and reduces redness while purifiying the skin.
Tea Tree Oil - Skin-calming properties help purify the skin and supports skin clarity